Sod Installation

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residential & commercial sod installation in lafayette, la

Beautifully Installed Lawn

Do you dream of having beautiful green lawn? Cultivating a beautiful lawn from seed takes a lot of time. And if time is not on your side, then sodding may be the answer for you. Sodding gives you healthy and beautiful grass without the hassle of seeding and fertilizing your lawn. Our team at Pristine Lawn & Landscaping are experts at sod installation for your home or business.

Lawn Sodding Service

Sod installation has become a very popular way to establish new lawns. It is quicker than growing grass from seed. There are also some grass that can't be grown from seed and must be cultivated from sod farms. For example, St. Augustine is commonly found in southern states. It grows through the spreading of its runners and stolons. Therefore, it can only be installed through sodding.

Installing sod can also be very labor intensive and it requires proper handling during installation. Our crew are experts at installing new sod using industry best practices. We perform all the preparation required to install your new sod, such as removal of old grass and soil preparation. We understand that your lawn is an investment. Let us help build and protect it.
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